Individually, we are one drop.

Together, we are an ocean.

Your Blytix analytics team members help your organization leverage data, drive performance, and increase your bottom-line

We work with your company to understand your key pain points in all things surrounding data

Through the use of our analytics team members, we aim to provide your company with superior:


Quality in our insights and our delivery.


Helping you transform insights into business decisions that impact your bottom line.


We help you identify the top impactful activities that can be leveraged to drive performance.

Coverage around the clock

Our consultants work within the time zones of your business to ensure seamless communication with your team.


Leveraging our quality insights to put you in front of your competition

We help transform the needs of your company into a challenge our dedicated human resource team can overcome

We understand the difficulties associated with hiring the right talent as your organization experiences growth and digital transformation. Instead of wasting time, energy, and resources interviewing the wrong candidates, Blytix helps streamline this process which allows you to hit the ground running.


Build your analytics team

By working closely with your organization, we help vet the right Blytix candidates that fit the needs of your organization. Your company then makes the final selection from a pool of highly skilled candidates.


Manage your analytics team

We equip your remote worker with the necessary tools and resources needed to deliver value to your organization while working within our Blytix headquarters. While you manage your analytics development team member, Blytix’s leadership overseas all other operational duties such as managing payroll and benefits.


Scale your analytics team

At any given point in time, your company can add additional Blytix consultants to your team to address the growing needs of your organization. Blytix clients typically develop long term relationships with their distributed analytics team members and host on-prem site visits to build rapport.

We meet your organization at its critical point in the journey to becoming data-driven

Our analytics team can be broken up into 3 core categories:

  • Analyst
    Works with data to provide insights by transforming raw and unstructured data into a cohesive summary or report in which executives and others can use to make business decisions.
    Tableau, PowerBI, Domo, Sisense, Dundas BI, SAP, Python, & more...
  • Data Engineer
    Builds and optimizes the systems that data scientists and analysts can leverage in order to perform their work. They ensure data is properly received, stored, transformed, and made accessible to other users at a cadence that best matches key use cases.
    Kubernetes, Spark, Kafka, Java, Redis, CassandraDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CI/CD Pipelines, microservices, AWS Cloud9 & more...
  • Data Scientist
    Performs a myriad of statistical analysis, data mining, and data wrangling techniques in order to transform data into a form that identifies trends and uncovers hidden relationships within data. They use software to build machine learning models to make predictions and answer key business questions.
    Python, HDFS, HIVE, SQL, Elasticsearch, SageMaker, Tensorflow/Keras, Deep Learning, PyTorch, Spark, DynamoDB, MongoDB, & more...

I need a team to extract insights and find correlations/patterns within our company data.

I need a talented Tableau visualization analyst to help us visualize our data.

We need a dedicated offshore Data Scientist to produce models that can predict our customer churn rates throughout different times of the year

We need a Data Engineer to help us aggregate disparate data sources into a reliable data lake which can be leveraged by our data analysts

I want a dedicated, offshore analytics team.



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