Trusted & talented

analytics teams.

We’re your analytics partner, helping you scale fast with your very own talented, on-demand, or full-time analytics team.

Fully dedicated teammates, always within reach

Your analytics talent will work from Blytix's offices in Ghana, participating in your daily scrum meetings and other activities. With modern communication technologies such as Zoom, Slack, and Google Hangout, your analytics talent can function just like in-person members of your team.

Why Blytix?

Blytix knows first-hand what African talent is truly capable of. Through our academy, we provide training and access to some of the best professionals in their field, allowing future analytics leaders and experts the opportunity to advance in line with the rapidly developing industry.

Proprietary Talent Delivery Program

Our unique training program lets us recruit, develop, and deploy top talent well versed in industry-specific and next-gen technologies. Through continuous and intensive training focused on simulated, real-world challenges, graduates from our academy are able to quickly integrate into your existing analytics teams.

Next-Gen Technologies Expertise

We bring deep knowledge of and experience in all the latest enterprise-level technologies—and we’re constantly refining our program to incorporate the latest analytics trends and enhancements in project delivery.

Better Control of Your Talent Pipeline

Because our talent delivery program can train people faster and more cost-effectively, we can help you ramp up quickly and integrate world-class talent in large numbers or on an individual basis right away.



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