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What makes Blytix different?

We do one thing - dedicated analytics talent that are built to last. We are not a project-based development “sweatshop” with numerous clients and hundreds of interchangeable data scientists available for hire. This model stifles innovation. We are in the business of empowering select, innovative companies with talented, on-demand or full-time analytics talent working all in one place from our headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

Our partner companies receive all the benefits (cost savings, talent & scalability) of setting up an international analytics center without the overhead costs. Our partner companies typically have such strong relationships with their analytics team that they retain them for multiple years.

How does Blytix have access to top analytics talent?

Because we are located in Ghana, we have access to leading quantitative and engineering talent across Africa. We spend countless hours and resources upskilling them to become the most competitive analytics professionals. In addition, our model of on-demand or dedicated, full-time teams for select, innovative tech companies appeals to talented analytics professionals. Top talent prefer to work on the latest technologies, choose their working environment and be dedicated to a single company rather than spread across multiple random projects.

Where are you located?

We have an office in New York. Our headquarters is in Accra, Ghana where your on-demand analytics talent or team will work from.


What is Blytix’s process?

You tell us about your analytics project and resource needs. We then provide you with in-depth analytics talent profiles. You interview each professional and decide who joins your team. You sign a simple, flexible contract with Blytix and we onboard your team, helping to integrate them into your product development process.

Your analytics professionals work from Blytix’s headquarters in Ghana. Blytix’s leadership oversees your team, manages payroll, benefits, and more.

Where will my remote worker or team work from?

Your Blytix remote team will work from our headquarters in Accra, Ghana. Ghana is one of the fastest growing tech hubs in Africa and home to some of the best technical universities, leading tech companies, and a thriving startup ecosystem. You will have direct access to your analytics professionals via Skype, Slack, email, phone or whatever communication preference you choose. Your trusted analytics professionals will use your project management tool (i.e., Redmine, Basecamp, Jira, etc.). Our professionals are fluent in multiple languages including English.

What skills can I hire?

Data Analytics: Tableau, PowerBI, Domo, Sisense, Dundas BI, SAP, Python, & more...
Data Science: Kubernetes, Spark, Kafka, Java, Redis, CassandraDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CI/CD Pipelines, microservices, AWS Cloud9 & more...
Data Engineering: Python, HDFS, HIVE, SQL, Elasticsearch, SageMaker, Tensorflow/Keras, Deep Learning, PyTorch, Spark, DynamoDB, MongoDB, & more...


What is your cost?

We will bill you a monthly fee for each analytics professional that you hire. Our contract is simple and flexible. Contact us to learn more about costs.

What is your contract length?

While Blytix does not bind clients to long-term contracts, our goal is to work with innovative businesses who will maintain their analytics team for the long-term and grow their team over time.



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