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Blytix started with a big idea: to provide Africa’s top analytics talent with the opportunity to become key members of innovative local and international tech companies.

Work For a Top Global Company

Blytix is not a traditional IT shop. You will not work on multiple projects for different clients. Instead, you will work exclusively for a single local or international tech company and become an integral part of their IT group.

Why You Will Love

You will be a key contributor on a small, self-sufficient Blytix analytics team that functions like a mini-startup. Blytix is a place where you will constantly learn new technologies & grow your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's special about working at Blytix?

At Blytix you will have the unique opportunity to work for innovative local and international tech companies. You will not work on long-term projects for multiple clients. Instead, you will work as part of a small Blytix offshore team that is based in Accra and be dedicated to one of Blytix's clients. You will be fully integrated into the client's product development group and feel like a member of their team. All contractors at Blytix have the opportunity to pursue on-demand job opportunities shared by our clients.

How long is the Blytix hiring process?

The Blytix admissions process includes an application, data aptitude tests, problem-solving evaluations, and an individual interview. Interviews are conducted over a video-conference using Zoom or in-person. Each stage is evaluated on core competencies and you must receive a minimum passing score to move onto the next stage.

Successful candidates go through our three-month intensive virtual and in-person training program where we sharpen your skills as an analytics professional and build a personalized profile to assess your working style before pairing you with a client. This training is at no upfront cost. There have been cases where extremely talented aspiring analytics professionals do not need to go through the entire program to be certified as a contractor.

We also help you cultivate soft skills and create your resume so it matches the client's requirements. You will then interview with the client, which will include a technical assessment. That's it!

Will I be an employee of Blytix or the client?

Neither! You are your own boss. This means you will be a contractor at Blytix but will be consulting with the client during their working hours.

What types of analytics professionals do you hire?

We hire extremely talented people from quantitative and engineering disciplines. They do not only have strong quantitative and engineering skills but have demonstrated an ability to solve technical problems and want to constantly learn and grow their skills. See the jobs section below for our open positions. If you don't see the position you're looking for, we would still love to hear from you. Contact us at [email protected].

Where will I work from?

You will work from Blytix’s headquarters in Accra. We have a fun startup office and very flexible work schedule. Come visit us anytime.

Featured Jobs

Don’t see the position you’re looking for? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected]

Data Engineer

Our contract Data Engineers work closely with our clients and our Data Scientists in to curate, transform, and construct features which feed directly into our modelling approach.

This is a hybrid client-facing/technical role using state of the art technologies, while also enabling you to communicate complex ideas to non-technical audiences. Collecting clear requirements is a key part of this role and will define the technical strategy the team employs on the study.

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Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist at Blytix, you will work with other Data Scientists and Data Engineers on interdisciplinary projects, using Maths, Stats, and Machine Learning to derive structure and knowledge from raw data across various industry sectors.

You will be based at the Blytix headquarters, where you will work closely with our clients and our Data Engineers to curate, transform, and construct features which feed directly into our modeling approach.

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