Data Scientist

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You will be based in Ghana and part of Blytix. Our Data Scientists work closely with our clients and our Data Engineers in order to curate, transform and construct features which feed directly into our modelling approach.

As a Data Scientist at Blytix, you will work with other Data Scientists and Data Engineers on interdisciplinary projects, using Maths, Stats and Machine Learning to derive structure and knowledge from raw data across various industry sectors.

What You’ll Be Doing

You will work in multi-disciplinary environments harnessing data to provide real-world impact for organisations globally.

You will influence many of the recommendations our clients need to positively change their businesses and enhance performance.

Role responsibilities

  • Work on complex and extremely varied data sets from some of the world’s largest organisations to solve real world problems
  • Develop data science products and solutions for clients as well as for our data science team
  • Write highly optimized code to advance our internal Data Science Toolbox
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary remote environment with specialists in machine learning, engineering and design
  • Add real-world impact to your academic expertise, as you are encouraged to write ‘black’ papers and present at meetings and conferences should you wish
  • Work within one of the largest and most advanced data science teams globally, support the Product Managers to develop data science product

Who You Are (Experience & Skills)

You are a highly collaborative individual who is capable of laying aside your own agenda, listening to and learning from colleagues, challenging thoughtfully and prioritising impact. You search for ways to improve things and work collaboratively with colleagues. You believe in iterative change, experimenting with new approaches, learning and improving to move forward quickly. Trust between colleagues is paramount here – you are an individual who can always be trusted to work in the best interests of all colleagues and to achieve the best outcome for Blytix and our clients. You are naturally enthusiastic and enjoy sharing your passion with others.

What You’ll Learn

  • How successful projects on real world problems across a variety of industries are completed through referencing past deliveries of end to end pipelines.
  • Build products alongside the core engineering team of our clients and evolve the engineering process to scale with data, handling complex problems and advanced client situations.
  • Be able to focus on modelling by working alongside the Data Engineering team which focuses on the wrangling, clean-up, and transformation of data
  • Best practices in software development and productionise machine learning by working with our Machine Learning Engineering teams which optimise code for model development and scale it
  • Work with our clients’ UX and Visual Design teams to interpret your complex models into stunning and user-focused visualisations
  • Use new technologies and problem-solving skills in a multicultural and creative environment

How To Apply

To apply, email [email protected] with the subject line “Data Scientist. When applying please provide a resume and any links to your technical blog, github/bitbucket, and other reviewable code examples.



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